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Who We Are

Who We Are

FImetrix is dedicated to market research (both qualitative and quantitative) and consulting in the field of international financial services. We conduct a wide range of competitive positioning surveys in the bank-to-bank and corporate sectors of the international banking market. Our expertise and insights on transaction services and supporting product lines of business has been developed since the founding of our practice over twenty years ago.

The vast majority of our work is conducted on a syndicated basis. Multiple bank clients sponsor these studies. The underlying survey data is the same with each sponsor receiving a strategic analysis customized to the bank's own position in that particular market.

Embedded in all FImetrix surveys are customer satisfaction modules, in which customers rate their banks on institutional and product-specific criteria. The results are presented on a self-stated basis, and using Multiple Classification Analysis, on a derived basis. Obtaining market share data is another key facet of all core FImetrix surveys.

Our clients use our research to assist them in building international cash management, payment, clearing, trade banking, and custody strategies to increase revenues from their current institutional client base and target new clients by understanding current and future needs across a variety of products and multiple markets.

We have always understood that as our bank clients build their global marketing strategies, they need consistent, reliable, comparable market research information across borders and over time. Our mission is to deliver the most dependable information and thorough analysis in an understandable, usable format to ensure these needs are met.

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