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RSS News Feed Information

Rss News Feed Information

What is RSS?

RSS, short for Really SImple Syndication, is an easy way for you to keep updated automatically on websites you like. Instead of you having to go to websites to see if they've written a new article or feature, you can use RSS to get them to tell you every time they have something new.

How do I make use of RSS?

In general you need to get hold of a program called a News Reader. This displays RSS information feeds from your chosen websites on your computer.

How do I get a News Reader?

There are a range of different News Readers available; a quick search in your favorite search engine will return several listings for popular news reader programs, many of which are free to install. Listed to the right are a few of the more popular news reader programs. It is important to note that different news readers work on different operating systems, so you will need to take this into account when you make your choice.

How do I sign up for RSS news feeds?

Different news readers have different methods for registering news feeds, so check with your specific product. In general, when you find a specific news feed you wish to sign up for, you will need the link that is referenced to add to your news reader program. For example, clicking on any of the news feed links below will open a window directly to that news feed. The URL listed in that browser window would be the link necessary to reference in your news reader program.

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