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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

David Burnett - Chief Executive Officer

David received a BS from the Rochester Institute of Technology where he was named the Institute's Outstanding Scholar, and an MS in Research and Evaluation from Florida State University. He is the author of several articles and papers on research and evaluation techniques, as well as the use of technology in research design, implementation and analysis.

Douglas Ziurys - Senior Vice President - Europe

Doug received a BA from Duke University and an MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Munich, Germany. Thirteen years of international banking experience in both marketing and product management, primarily in Europe. Doug speaks fluent German.

Shelley Burnett - Senior Vice President

Shelley has an extensive background in financial and managerial support systems. She has a strong accounting background with firms in Tallahassee, Fla; Little Rock, Ark; and Princeton, NJ. Shelley also has 12 years experience as Director of Finance and Personnel at Public Strategies/Impact, LLC, a government relations and public affairs counsel located in Trenton, NJ.

Kathy Manetas - Project Director

Kathy received a BA in Education from Rider University and a MA in Education from The College of New Jersey. She has 30 years of experience in market research as an analyst, report writer, and project manager. Her market research experience encompasses a variety of industries, including medical, insurance, publishing, and consumer products, as well as the last 12 years in banking services.

Johanna L. Hurly - Project Director

Johanna has over 25 years experience in the research industry. She received her BS in Marketing from St. Joseph's University (1991). Johanna is an experienced programmer and data analyst with an extensive background in both the CfMC and SPSS data packages. Johanna manages the data processing and quality control operations for FImetrix.

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Senior Consultants - United States

Jan Marshall - Consultant

Jan has spent over 20 years in banking, primarily with Bank of Boston. She specializes in the Latin American market and emerging economies.

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Senior Consultants - Europe

Joaquín Ramentol - Consultant

Joaquin has over 25 years in the banking industry, primarily for Banco Santander in Belgium and Madrid. He specializes in European and African markets.

Rudolph Jurgens - Consultant

After graduating as a lawyer from the University of Amsterdam, Rudolph worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, Barclays and F. van Lanschot in The Netherlands and Germany. He has more than 25 years of international banking experience in product management, correspondent banking and trade finance.

Birgit Elster - Consultant

After completing her banking apprenticeship and receiving a diploma from the bank academy, Birgit spent 16 years in banking and bank consulting at Vereins- und Westbank and JP Morgan in Germany as well as market research companies. Her areas of expertise include correspondent banking, payment services and operational services.

David White - Consultant

David has over 30 years in the banking industry, with Banco Santander Central Hispano in Spain and Citibank in New York and South America. He specializes in European, South African, and Middle Eastern markets.

Lionel Louiset - Consultant

After starting his career with a French development bank in Algeria (Agence Française de Dévelopement, AFD), Lionel worked in banking over the next 20 years. He is an expert in investment banking, especially financial markets, and pioneered financial derivatives and structured products in France and Germany with Société Générale. He graduated from HEC Paris with a Masters in Finance and Management. He is a native French speaker, and is also fluent in German and English.

Rafael Gómez-Jordana Moya - Consultant

Rafael has more than thirty years of experience working for financial institutions active in Africa, including the Maghreb, and Latin America (Banco Santander and BBVA). Rafael has a doctorate in International Law from the University Complutense of Madrid and CEU, and has a Master's degree in Foreign Relations & Trade and International Law from ISDE Madrid. He has published a number of papers/articles in Spanish on various topics related to Africa, including banking and economics.

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