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FImSearch Application


FImSearch is a subscription-based service that enables clients to better leverage their FImetrix data to gain new competitive insights and enhance their business strategies. The power of FImSearch can greatly improve marketing activities by comparing a true global picture of an institution's performance and acceptance in one market with that of another. Members will gain the knowledge they need to increase revenues from their current institutional customer base and target new clients by understanding current and future needs across a range of products and markets. FImSearch will add great value to our client's investment in FImetrix survey technology, by providing them with powerful tools to strategically mine for data.

Through FImSearch subscribers can slice data according to their needs in a specific geography. Subscribers can create customized country groupings, view banks with assets of a certain size by geography, or analyze business trends over whatever timeframe they choose. FImSearch subscribers have access to all the historical data FImetrix has collected in different geographies. Subscribers can generate competitive profiles of themselves and others in any country grouping they choose.

For more information on FImSearch, please contact your local FImetrix sales representative.

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